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Cool Cats Newsletter: September Recap

Cool Cats Newsletter: September Recap




  • We’re minting now! Bones, Milo, and Sage have been making their way onto the blockchain and into our hearts since September 21, 2023. Burn two Cool Pets for a SideKX on our official website today.

Macy’s Balloon Design Revealed

Art Contests

  • Between the Cool Cats x Chimpers collaborative art contest and our SideKX art contest, we had tons of amazing art created by our incredible community. Prizes included Cool Pets, Shadow Wolves, and a Cool Cat.

Cool Cats on Socials

  • Reels on Instagram have exploded in popularity. Our “Driving” Reel gained over 1.4M views and our “Debit, Please Reel received over 1M views!
  • Clon participated in the Founder’s Wreck League Tournament, where he made it to the semi-finals using his custom Cool Cats mech.

Town Hall

  • Town Hall was held as an open forum in Discord on September 27th. Discussions included the SideKX launch, brand expansion, and what holders can expect between now and Thanksgiving.

Cool Cats SideKX


Introducing SideKX, character companions for the Cool Cats ecosystem. Sage, Milo, and Bones serve as extensions of their respective core characters in the Cool Cats Universe: Jo, Ardi, and Kira. The SideKX collection features over 180 forms and 1200 variants, which means there’s a sidekick for everyone.

As of September 21, holders are eligible to burn two Cool Pets to receive one upgraded SideKX companion. Use Journey Rewards to enhance your SideKX traits when you mint in the Temple of the Dark Star. The question is: Will it be Bones, Milo, or Sage who join in your adventures? 🦴🐾🌿

For more information on SideKX and how to mint your perfect sidekick, please review the litepaper.

Macy’s Balloon Design Revealed

Thanks to an incredible community effort, we won a Blue Cat balloon which will appear in this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. After months of planning, we finally debuted our balloon design, proudly featuring Blue and Chugs. We can’t wait to put our iconic characters in front of millions when we turn New York City into Blue York City in November.

Read more about our Macy’s partnership and balloon on NFT Now, CoinTelegraph, and Yahoo Finance.

Art Contests

Our community has always blown us away with creativity and talent, and this month was no exception. First, we partnered with Chimpers Art Foundation for their monthly art contest, where entrants combined Chimpers and Cool Cats characters to make some truly incredible pieces in a variety of mediums.

In anticipation of our SideKX launch, we ran a SideKX art contest. Participants were asked to include one, two, or all three base SideKX in their work, and the entries were incredible. The top three winning entries received two Cool Pets, which can be used to burn a SideKX companion. Second- and first-place winners received Shadow Wolves and Cool Cats. Thank you to all our entrants, we can’t wait to see what you create in the next contest.

Cool Cats on Social Media

Our team has been creating short-form content and the hard work is paying off. Our Reels on Instagram have exploded in popularity, with our “Driving” Reel hitting over 1.4M views and “Debit, Please receiving 1M views! This is just the beginning. Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram and TikTok for more fun content.

Speaking of social platforms, in early September, Clon participated in the Founder’s Wreck League Tournament streamed on Twitch. He competed to the semi-finals using his custom Cool Cats mech and defeated the Chairman of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu.

The Cool Cats community showed up loud and proud to support.

Town Hall

We always want to hear from our community. This month, we held an open-forum style Town Hall in Discord on September 27th. We discussed our social media stats, the SideKX launch, and Clon’s work on a 200-page “look-book” of all the available SideKX variants. We teased what’s coming next for Cool Cats between now and Thanksgiving, including a $MILK raffle and more exciting product developments.

Don’t miss out! Join us for the next Town Hall in our Discord, where you can speak directly with the team to ask all your burning questions. 

New Team Member

We’ve welcomed Zaf Chow as an advisor at Cool Cats. She shares her experience in digital strategy and partnerships from Animoca Brands and Artifact Labs to lead our expansion into Asia. Welcome to the team, Zaf!

We’re Hiring: Business Development Manager

We are hiring a Business Development Manager. If you have a passion for scaling global brands, please apply.