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SideKX: Everything You Need to Know

SideKX: Everything You Need to Know


This lite paper serves to update and refine the “Introducing SideKX” lite paper previously published on our blog. Please refer to this latest lite paper for everything you need to know about SideKX ahead of the mint, starting September 21. 

Introducing Milo, Sage and Bones – our SideKX, also known as the trusted companions of Ardi, Jo, and Kira – central characters of the Cool Cats universe. SideKX join the narrative to enhance the stories we’ve come to love.

This lite paper is your guide to SideKX, offering insights into our new characters, upcoming minting details, and future utility within our ecosystem.

Meet Your SideKX

As we introduce SideKX companions, we want to share who they are and why they are exceptional to Cooltopia and the story of Blue Cat and his friends. Let’s get acquainted:


Milo, Ardi’s trusty companion, has unmatched enthusiasm and remarkable strength to lift and push heavy objects with ease. Milo is an invaluable assistant, he’s always in a good mood, radiating joy while he helps Ardi at the workshop. His excitement is evident and a constant testament to his boundless happiness.


Sage is the cherished companion of Jo. A unique plant-like creature that combines the whimsy of a forest spirit with the charm of a turnip, Sage sports three lush leaves atop her head that resemble flowing, vibrant hair. Sage twirls her leaves like helicopter blades to gracefully float around. Her true joy lies in the garden, where she is Jo’s dedicated green thumb. Sage enjoys dressing up to mirror Jo’s style. She can be shy around unfamiliar faces, preferring the comfort and company of her familiar garden surroundings.


Bones is Kira’s mysterious companion – he shares the shadowy aesthetic of fellow Shadow Wolves, with a special twist. Cloaked in striking purple, Bones is vibrant with a standout appearance. His most distinct feature is his tail, which takes the form of a spectral hand, capable of wielding weapons and playing pranks. Bones is cunning, assisting Kira in crafting and executing their clever plans. His mischievous nature delights in practical jokes and mischief-making, keeping those around him on their toes.

SideKX Overview

In typical generative NFT collections, certain trait combinations have often been considered less desirable, sometimes impacting the overall appeal of an NFT. To address this, we’re introducing a new class of collectible NFTs to ensure that every SideKX looks fantastic and makes you feel good about collecting them. The SideKX collectibles will offer the following characteristics: 

Types: Choose between three SideKX characters: Milo, Sage, and Bones. Pick a SideKX that resonates with you or leave it to fate. The decision is yours.

Forms: SideKX presents a variety of meticulously handcrafted forms, breaking away from the traditional generative project model. Notably, the base versions of these three SideKX characters will remain unavailable, reserved for future storytelling and merchandise endeavors.

Variants: Within each form, a diverse range of variants awaits, encompassing both subtle and significant alterations to that specific form. It’s important to note that these variants won’t possess specific metadata distinctions. Lastly, each variant set boasts its own rarity differentials, adding an extra layer of depth to your quest for the perfect SideKX.

SideKX by Cool Cats

Unique Metadata: The shift towards more handcrafted collectibles inherently reduces generative aspects, meaning some SideKX may be visually the same. Every NFT will have a unique serial number, ensuring a special NFT for everyone. 

SideKX serve to enhance your identity. We want you to feel as though they resonate with you. What we’re aiming for is a collection that mirrors the diversity and uniqueness of our community, where each SideKX, despite minor resemblances, upholds its own charm.

Level: Your SideKX initial level depends on the power boosts of the two input Cool Pets. Your SideKX level influences its utility in multiple programs, and it is dynamic. You can level your SideKX up, and potentially even lose levels! In the future, some activations may require a minimum level to access/participate.

Serial Number: Serial numbers add a collector’s thrill. Each form receives assigned serial numbers with limits based on rarity tiers.

Edition: This SideKX release will be part of our First Edition companion launch.

Rarity Tiers: Our SideKX collection features five tiers – Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Ascend the SideKX tiers for increasingly impressive aesthetics. Refer to the table below for a summary of Forms, Types, Rarity, and Serials.

Cool Cats SideKX

Focus On Collectibility

The joy of collecting often comes with the thrill of completing a full set.  Tapping into this sentiment, we proudly introduce our SideKX sets. Collectors will be thrilled to find 40 distinct SideKX sets. A set is considered matching traits across all three SideKX types and will have a special icon and notation in the metadata (EX: One “Chef” Milo, Sage, and Bones = “Chef” Set).

From the delightful allure of sushi to the heartiness of a combo meal, there’s a SideKX set tailored for every taste. These sets are meticulously crafted, ensuring that each piece complements its counterparts while holding its own unique charm. SideKX sets can be found at all rarity levels, ensuring the fun of collectibility is open to all.


To enhance the collectibility aspect, we’ve reimagined the traditional PFP format by introducing cards. These cards will serve as a quick reference for your NFT’s traits. This design decision holds significant importance, as it will transition seamlessly into our upcoming avatar system, complete with corresponding wearables.

SideKX Cards

Card Details: Each card prominently features key identifying information for easy reference, including form type, set type, character ID, and serial number, as illustrated below:

We will not create new 1-of-1’s through the minting process. The only way to obtain a 1-of-1 SideKX is to own and hold a 1-of-1 from the Cool Pets Collection at the start of the minting process. We will take a snapshot when minting begins and airdrop updated 1-of-1 SideKX to those holders. For this activation, 1-of-1’s will be the only NFTs in the Legendary tier.

Upgrading Pets:

To begin the transformation of your Cool Pets into SideKX, we’ll embark on a journey that commences at the Temple of the Dark Star. While the minting process occurs on Ethereum, it is important to note certain complexities due to Journey Rewards existing on Polygon. We’ve broken down the process into four clear steps below. First, let’s look at what you will need to get started. 

Items for Mint

  • 2 Cool Pets (Required)
  • Ethereum (Required)
  • Journey Rewards (Optional)
  • Matic (Required if using Journey Rewards)

Step 1 – Preparing Inventory (Optional):

Before we can proceed with minting SideKX, ensure your Journey Rewards are processed into your minting inventory from Polygon to Ethereum. Select the rewards you wish to burn, confirm your transaction, and once completed, your rewards will become accessible in your minting inventory.

Important Note: Please be aware that this action is irreversible. Once the items are in your inventory, they are permanently associated with your connected wallet and cannot be undone.

SideKX Mint Preview

Step 2 – Selecting Cool Pets:

Choose two Cool Pets you wish to burn for your SideKX upgrade. The specific form or type of your pets does not matter at this stage. What is crucial is the highest power boost that each pet provides, as this will directly influence your SideKX’s starting level.

Preview SideKX Mint

Step 3 – Journey Rewards (optional):

Enhance your SideKX using Aurorium gems and/or Umbrium stones. Each mint will offer three enhancement slots. Aurorium enhances friendly traits and angelic attributes, while Umbrium draws out shadowy traits.

The strength of your outcome depends on the potency of gems and stones placed in the enhancement slots during mint. You can mix and match light and dark stones to influence your result (e.g., 2 dark, 1 light yields a dark result). Regardless of your enhancement combination, there is a chance you may still receive a ‘neutral form.’

The quantity and strength of the rewards you choose during the minting process can determine your SideKX tier: common, uncommon, rare, or epic. If you choose not to add gems and stones, you will mint a common SideKX.

SideKX Rewards Legend

SideKX Mint

Step 3 – Character Selection (optional):

You have the option to choose your desired SideKX character for a fee of 0.02 ETH or allow the Dark Star Elder to select your SideKX at no cost. This offers you the opportunity to complete your character set or pick a companion that best resonates with you. Exercise caution; once your SideKX type is minted, it becomes permanent and cannot be altered or changed. There is a maximum mintable amount of 3,333 SideKX per character.

Note: There is a small chance that your tier and character selection may be minted out (most likely epic tier). In this case, the system should not allow you to mint and you will have to update your character selection and/or rewards. 

SideKX Cool Cats Mint Preview

Form/Variant Rerolls:

We’ve come to learn that sometimes an original mint is not quite what you want. We understand that not everyone is in a position to buy on secondary or purchase more Cool Pets to try again. To address this, for the first 14 days after minting begins, you will be able to reroll your SideKX. The cost for this is 0.02 ETH, allowing you to reroll either your FORM or your VARIANT (while options last). 

Rerolling your form will pick a new form from your already assigned rarity tier (i.e. Epic rerolls Epic). The influence of gems and stones will not apply during a reroll, and new traits will be assigned randomly, excluding light/dark bias.

Rerolling your variant will keep the same form but reroll a new color or new trait and a new serial number. If no rerolls are available, the system will not allow the option to reroll.

Hint #1: There are a few form/variants hidden away in the reroll pool – your only chance to gain these is through a reroll.

Hint #2: If your Cool Score was in the Top 200 of our August 2nd rewards snapshot, your first reroll is on us.

SideKX rerolls

Commemorative Token

We respect the bond you’ve formed with your old Pets. Thus, we’re introducing a unique memorial soul-bound token (SBT), which immortalizes them. This token, while untradable, safeguards the memories and IP rights tied to your Cool Pets. It will forever remain in your wallet, reflecting the standard IP license for all of the tokens tied to it. 

While the SBT will have the same appearance for everyone, its metadata contains a record of all the Pets you once owned and still have IP rights to. Additionally, it keeps track of the number of Pets you’ve upgraded over time. You can mint this token from the home screen at your convenience. It updates as you mint more SideKX, so grab your SBT at any time. There’s no need to wait until you’re finished upgrading.

Ecosystem Updates

As we lean into the development of characters and companions, aligning SideKX to complement our primary characters becomes an inevitable change. Consequently, our ecosystem needs to reflect this dynamic.

Going forward, SideKX will not be classified as membership NFTs within our ecosystem. Although they add an enriching experience, SideKX by themselves will not serve as qualifiers  for ecosystem rewards – similar to future additions such as wearables. Enhance your experience of the Cool Cats ecosystem when you pair SideKX with your Cool Cats and Shadow Wolves. Cool Pets will maintain their access to our Discord and overall ecosystem, but their involvement in future undertakings, including the avatar system, will not be supported.

For those who cannot procure another Pet, have only one SideKX NFT, or missed the chance to mint a Shadow Wolf, we will offer the opportunity to mint an Explorer in the near future at no cost. Explorers will serve as your membership NFT pass (similar to a Cool Cat or Shadow Wolf) to our ecosystem. More details on Explorers will emerge later this year.

Cool Score Updates

With the introduction of new SideKX, it’s only natural that our Cool Score system evolves in tandem. Cool Score v3 is in development and set to be unveiled in Season 3 of Journeys. Anticipate a refined and balanced approach to reflect these changes. Here’s a brief snapshot of what to expect:

  • Cool Pets: While still treasured, will have significantly diminished Cool Score impact. We WANT you to upgrade!
  • Contribution for New SideKX: SideKX will positively affect Cool Scores, however, not at the same 2:1 ratio as in the minting system.
  • SBT & Journey Rewards: Soul Bound Token (SBT) and Journey Rewards will offer a consistent Cool Score value with specifics to be outlined in future updates.

SideKX Utility

Our goal is to create a thriving community where all contributors can benefit. We understand the significant potential in IP growth and expansion, and we want our community to grow and build alongside us. We are excited to unveil utilities that reward community participation and contribution in due time. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

Avatar System

In our upcoming avatar system, SideKX will proudly stand next to your selected character. This feature ensures all of your SideKX can be a part of your identity.

SideKX Inclusion

SideKX are not mere accessories but central to our narratives and journeys. They are slated to be enduring elements in our canon and will be integrated into our ongoing storylines and animated content.

We’re also coordinating with our gaming and metaverse allies to ensure your SideKX will journey with you. While this feature may not be immediately available across all platforms, it represents our long-term commitment. SideKX are more than just virtual pets; they are vital components of the universe we’re co-creating.

Ecosystem Programs: Fueling Community Growth

In the coming months we’ll be launching three new ecosystem programs: The Workshop, The Lab, and The Studio. These initiatives will form a powerful flywheel of ownership, driving community growth and strengthening our shared IP. We’ll provide a high-level overview below. Stay tuned for more in-depth details outlining how these programs will operate.

The Workshop

The Workshop introduces a fresh way for holders to earn rewards while enhancing their companions’ abilities. Here’s what to expect:

  • Staking: Cool Cat and Shadow Wolf staking to replace Journey staking.
  • SideKX Boost: Staking SideKX with your Cat/Wolf will significantly increase success rate.
  • SideKX Leveling: Level-up your SideKX by staking with a Cat/Wolf.
  • Rewards: Physical and digital rewards will be up for grabs for Workshop participants.  

The Studio

The Studio is dedicated to our Creatoors, the creative hearts of our community. This will be a platform designed to acknowledge your contributions and support your many talents. Here’s what to look forward to:

  • Clontests: Participate in creative challenges and competitions.
  • Trait Generation: Get involved in trait creation through open submissions.
  • Bounties: We have needs, and you have skills – it’s a match made in heaven.
  • Recognition: Showcase your skills and get recognized within our ecosystem.
  • Collaborations: Connect with like-minded individuals and collaborate on exciting projects.

The Lab

The Lab is tailored for our Buildoors, the architects of our community’s growth. It’s a space designed to facilitate your creative projects and brand advancements. Here’s what Buildoors can anticipate:

  • Proposal Submissions: Pitch your projects for micro grant funding.
  • Targeted Bounties: Opportunities to earn rewards for specific project needs and contributions.

As we gear up for SideKX, there’s much to be excited about. Whether you’re team Bones, Milo, or Sage, or you aim to collect a full set, get ready to mint, starting September 21. Life is better with SideKX.