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Introducing SideKX

Introducing SideKX


IMPORTANT: An updated version of this lite paper has been published with further details about what to expect and what to know ahead of the minting process, starting September 21. For the latest information, check out “SideKX: Everything You Need to Know.

As we set our sights on becoming a renowned global storytelling and character brand, we understand the importance of constant evolution. We’re embracing the identity-driven nature of NFTs by transforming our beloved Cool Pets into dynamic companions. With enhanced aesthetics and utility, these companions will enrich our shared universe.

Moving beyond Cooltopia’s gathering, questing, and boss battles, we embark on an exciting journey to build our IP in collaboration with you – our community. We’re introducing new programs, ecosystem updates, and creative initiatives to empower you and your companions. Venturing into this exciting new chapter, we’re committed to delivering a rewarding experience for all.

SideKX High-Level Overview

In Cooltopia, character companions enrich our narratives. We know Blue Cat’s pal, Chugs, and it’s time to meet companions for Ardi, Jo, and Kira. These companions will be extensions of their main characters, boasting unique traits, personalities, and preferences. For now, companions shall be known as SideKX.

At the center of this evolution, we morph the singular Cool Pet silhouette into three new characters that take many shapes and forms. This decision reflects the current state of the Cool Cats ecosystem and the need to balance the supply of Cool Pets with the demands of our active holders.

We’ll be growing the SideKX collection as needed, and the original Cool Pets will be convertible only for the first three sideKX launched in this activation. This approach ensures our steady growth as a globally recognized storytelling and character brand.

SideKX Approach

In addition to our characters, we recognize the need to breathe new life into the sideKX accompanying them.

In the typical generative collections, certain trait combinations have been deemed less desirable, sometimes affecting the attractiveness of an NFT (we’re looking at you, trunk nose). To remedy this, we’re creating a new class of NFTs to ensure all of them look good, and more importantly, make you feel good about acquiring and collecting them.

The three characters will be known as Types, and for the Cool Pet upgrade you can choose between Milo, Bones and Sage types.

Each SideKX will have a variety of complete FORMS. These will be fully catered outfits and configurations, with over 150 forms across all three SideKX types.

Each form may vary in fur color, accessory, etc. Minor changes in Variation will differentiate one SideKX from another.

This strategy makes the collection inherently less generative, however, each NFT will be assigned unique metadata, including serial numbers and/or powers. It is possible that combinations of types, forms and variations may be replicated throughout the collection. In such instances, metadata-specific traits will set each NFT apart.

SideKX serve to enhance your identity. We want you to feel as though they resonate with you. What we’re aiming for is a collection that authentically mirrors the diversity and uniqueness of our community, where each sideKX, despite minor resemblances, upholds its own unique charm.

TL;DR: There will be duplicate SideKX and that’s okay. They all look amazing. Serial number and metadata will differ for all.

Cool Cats Sidekicks tiers

Rarity Tiers

Our SideKX collection will feature five tiers – Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary. As you move up the tiers, the SideKX aesthetic quality increases.

Cool Cats Sidekicks Rarity Tiers

A New Layer of Collectability

The joy of collecting often comes with the thrill of completing a full set.  Tapping into this sentiment, we proudly introduce our SideKX sets. Collectors will be thrilled to find 40 distinct SideKX sets. From the delightful allure of sushi to the hearty-ness of a combo meal, there’s a SideKX set tailored for every taste. These sets are meticulously crafted, ensuring that each piece complements its counterparts while holding its own unique charm. SideKX sets can be found at all rarity levels, ensuring the fun of collectibility is open to all.

Beyond the joy of acquiring and holding these sets, collectors stand to gain tangible benefits. Completing a SideKX set will amplify your Cool Score and unlock perks in our upcoming Avatar System.


Lastly, as we attempt to focus on collectibility, it makes sense to change the form factor of the traditional PFP to make sure you can see your NFT traits at a glance, to understand its collectibility without needing to search for the metadata. So like CCFC, we’re bringing back cards in a whole new way. Stay tuned for all the details soon!

Cool Cats Sidekicks Cards

1 of 1’s

We will not be creating any new 1-of-1’s to be available through the minting process. The only way to obtain a 1-of-1 SideKX is to own and hold a 1-of-1 from the OG Cool Pets Collection at the start of the minting process. We will be taking a snapshot of these holders when minting begins and airdropping them an updated 1-of-1 SideKX. For this activation, 1-of-1’s will be the only NFTs in the Legendary tier.

Upgrading Pets:

The process to upgrade your Cool Pets to SideKX starts at the Temple of the Dark Star. Just before we commence the minting, we will issue a comprehensive guide that goes through the steps for a smooth transformation. Here are the pertinent details:


2 Cool Pets (required):

This is an opportunity for you to submit two of your existing Pets to mint one upgraded SideKX in return. By implementing this 2:1 conversion ratio, we’re introducing a crucial deflationary mechanism as we advance into the next phases of ecosystem evolution and holder growth. Pets DO NOT have to be fully hatched – however – your highest power boost from both Pets submitted will play a factor in your metadata outcome.

Ethereum (required):

You will be responsible for the gas fees for both the approval and minting processes. The new NFTs will be ERC-721’s.

Cool Cats Sidekicks Mint How It Works


Journey Rewards (optional):

Utilize the power of Aurorium and Umbrium gems to influence the upgrade outcome of your SideKX. There are three slots for enhancements. Aurorium, drawing from light, influences friendly traits and angelic attributes. Umbrium, on the other hand, brings out shadowy traits with a mysterious side.

The strength of your outcome depends on the potency of the stone placed in the slots during mint. You can mix and match the light/dark stones to influence your upgrade during the mint (i.e. 2 dark, 1 light will yield dark result). Independent of stone bias, you may still receive a ‘neutral form’ of any given character.

Depending on the quantity, strength and type of stones you use, your SideKX will be designated into one of four tiers: common, uncommon, rare or epic. Not using any gems will provide common SideKX.

Cool Cats Sidekicks Enhancers

Character Selection (optional):

During the minting process, you have the option to choose your desired SideKX type for a fee of 0.02 ETH or allow the Dark Star Elder to select a SideKX type for you at no cost. This offers you the opportunity to complete your character set or pick a SideKX that best resonates with you. Exercise caution; once your SideKX type is minted, it becomes permanent and cannot be altered or changed.

Form/Variant Re-rolls:

We’ve come to learn that sometimes an original mint is not quite what you want. We understand that not everyone is in a position to buy on secondary or purchase more Pets to try again.

To address this, for the first 14 days after minting begins, you will be able to re-roll your SideKX. The cost for this is 0.02 ETH, allowing you to re-roll either your FORM or your VARIANT.

Re-rolling Form will pick a new form from your already assigned rarity tier (i.e. Epic re-rolls Epic). The influence of gems and stones will not apply during a re-roll, and new traits will be assigned randomly excluding light/dark bias.

Re-rolling Variant will keep the same form but re-roll a new color or new trait and a new serial number. If there are no re-rolls available, the system will not allow you to re-roll. If no re-rolls are available, the system will not allow the option to re-roll.

Hint #1: There are a few form/variants hidden away in the re-roll pool – your only chance to gain these is through a re-roll.
Hint #2: If your Cool Score was in the Top 200 of our August 2nd rewards snapshot, your first re-roll is on us.

What Happens with Old Pets?

Moving forward necessitates change, and while our previous pet designs have served us well, it’s time for them to make way for the new sideKX. Should you choose to upgrade, the two pets submitted in your transaction will be dispatched to a burn address. In return, you’ll receive a fresh SideKX, linked to a new contract address.

We respect the bond you’ve formed with your old Pets. Thus, we’re introducing a unique memorial soul-bound token (SBT), which immortalizes them. This token, while untradable, safeguards the memories and IP rights tied to your old pets. It will forever remain in your wallet, reflecting the standard IP license.

The SBT will be the same for everyone, but in its metadata houses all the Pets you once owned and still retain IP rights to. The SBT token will also track how many Pets you have burned in its metadata – Why? Who knows?!

Ecosystem Updates

As we lean into the development of characters and companions, aligning SideKX to compliment our primary characters becomes an inevitable change. Consequently, our ecosystem needs to reflect this dynamic.

Going forward, SideKX will not be classified as membership NFTs within our ecosystem. Although they add an enriching experience, they will not be a prerequisite for ecosystem rewards – similar to future additions such as wearables. OG Cool Pets will maintain their access to our Discord and overall ecosystem, but their involvement in future undertakings, including the avatar system, will not be supported.

Cool Cats Ecosystem Updates

For those who cannot procure another Pet, have only one SideKX, or missed the chance to mint a Shadow Wolf, we will offer the opportunity to mint an Explorer in the near future at no cost, which will serve as your access pass to our ecosystem. More details on Explorers will emerge later this year.

Cool Score Updates

With the introduction of new companions, it’s only natural that our Cool Score system evolves in tandem. Cool Score v3 is in development and set to be unveiled in Season 3 of Journeys. Anticipate a refined and balanced approach to reflect these changes. Here’s a brief snapshot of what to expect:

  • OG Cool Pets: While still treasured, will have significantly diminished Cool Score impact. We WANT you to upgrade!
  • Contribution for New SideKX: SideKX will positively affect Cool Scores, however, not at the same 2:1 ratio as in the minting system.
  • SBT & Journey Rewards: Soul Bound Token (SBT) and Journey Rewards will offer a consistent Cool Score value with specifics to be outlined in future updates.

SideKX Utility

Our goal is to create a thriving community where all contributors can benefit. We understand the significant potential in IP growth and expansion, and we want our community to grow and build alongside us. We are excited to unveil utilities that reward community participation and contribution in due time. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

Avatar System

In our upcoming avatar system, SideKX will proudly stand next to your selected character. This feature ensures your SideKX will always be part of your identity!

SideKX Inclusion

SideKX are not mere accessories but central to our narratives and journeys. They are slated to be enduring elements in our canon and will be integrated into our ongoing storylines and brief content.

We’re also coordinating with our gaming and metaverse allies to ensure your SideKX will journey with you. While this feature may not be immediately available across all platforms, it represents our long-term commitment. SideKX are more than just virtual pets; they are vital components of the universe we’re co-creating.

Project Cozy Blanket

We’re finalizing a two-phased program to put the IP in the hands of our builders, while offering incentive to hold and engage. While the details of this program cannot be shared yet, we believe it has the potential to reinvigorate our community on a whole new level. There will be lite papers released on both of these approaches in the near future. Because when we all build together, we all win.

We’re excited to usher in a new era with our revamped SideKX collection, designed to be more than just pets. With greater aesthetic appeal and a unique utility offering, SideKX become integrated into our shared narratives and metaverse explorations, representing our dedication to building a rewarding, engaging, and meaningful virtual universe. The journey forward holds exciting opportunities and we’re thrilled to embark on it with you. Together, with your continued support, we’ll shape a promising future.