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Cool Cats Unveil New Strategic Direction and Upcoming Product Releases

Cool Cats Unveil New Strategic Direction and Upcoming Product Releases


Summary: On Wednesday, February 1st, we hosted a community town hall via YouTube livestream to announce our new strategic direction and plans for the future. We covered our new vision, goals, growth strategy, product and experience releases, partnerships, and new brand identity.

ICYMI: Watch our town hall recording.

Our New Strategic Direction:

Our new vision is to become the leading entertainment brand that celebrates cool through community-centered storytelling and innovation. With a goal to onboard one million holders into our Cool Cats ecosystem in the next five years, we will leverage storytelling content and mainstream brand partnerships to scale our audience and deliver immersive products and experiences to bring the World of Cooltopia to our community. 

Products and Experiences to Expect in 2023:

We will release several new products and experiences over the next few months:

  • Cool Score: A dynamic score that allows holders to track, measure, and earn rewards for their engagement within the Cool Cats community. Read more about the Cool Score on our blog.
  • Journeys: A series of engaging opportunities blended with an immersive storytelling experience taking users on explorations through the World of Cooltopia. Journeys introduce a soft-staking mechanism for Cats and Pets, providing a pathway for the team to reward our most engaged holders with rarer traits, Digital/IRL rewards, and more.
  • Fracture NFTs: Dynamic NFTs that enable a new type of storytelling experience via digital collectibles. The Fracture NFTs are designed to evolve as holders complete more journeys. At the end of the Journey series, holders will enter into the fracture to reveal their new Cool Cats character PFP. Fracture NFTs have been airdropped to all holders as a way to thank our community for their continued support. Why Fractures, you may ask? Check out part one of Blue Cat’s story
  • Explorers: Later in the year, we will release a new entry-level NFT to help on-board more members to our Web3 community. Explorer NFTs will offer a new way to represent your digital identity – allowing for full-body customization (as opposed to traditional PFPs), and will be available across multiple chains and platforms. 

Upcoming Partnerships:

We have several exciting partnerships in the works, including Ledger, Hologram, and Macy’s. Cool Cats and Ledger will be launching Ledger Quest in early February; a co-branded educational initiative to help the community learn how to better protect their assets. Hologram will offer all of our holders the ability to experience their Cool Cats NFTs in a whole new way through holographic technology and 3D avatars. We can’t forget about our IRL balloon that is sure to steal the show at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in November. Finally – we offered a snippet of our upcoming gaming partnership that will be announced in the coming months.  

New Branding. Same Blue Cat.

On Tuesday, January 31, we revealed our new branding on our official Cool Cats website and across all our social platforms. Our new logo features a forward-facing cat, a nod to our focus on building for the future. The previous signature pink background has been replaced with a bold red tone, and our new brand colors exude simplicity, symbolizing that we’re going back to the basics and leaning into the core competencies of creating art, developing interesting IP, and telling stories — the core pillars of what makes our brand successful. 

What’s Next? 

We’re making some big moves to kick off the next chapter of Cool Cats. Grab your Fracture, strap in, and get ready for our first Journey! 

To learn more about Cool Cats, visit our About page. Check out Cool Cats and Cool Pets on OpenSea and join our community in Discord today.