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Proof of Work – Avatar Updates

Proof of Work – Avatar Updates

Patch Notes

GM Cats! We’re here with updates to the avatar system, aimed at boosting your experience and asset management. Plus, as part of our commitment to transparency, we’re starting regular patch note releases (proof-of-work blogs) to demonstrate our ongoing efforts to improve your Cool Cats experience. So, let’s dive into what’s fresh and better!

Wallet Linking:

Ever wanted to manage your avatar and assets from anywhere without risking your prized possessions? Well, now you can! We’ve introduced a wallet linking feature that allows you to connect all your assets from cold storage to one hot wallet or your magic wallet. You will have to sign a single signature on your cold storage to link wallets, but once completed you’ll have access to all of your cats, wolves, kx and clothes. Please note, that this feature replaces systems like

Account Linking

Shadow Wolf Scholar Support:

We apologize for the delay, but good things take time, right? We’ve finally added full support for our Shadow Wolf Scholars. Now, you can enjoy their exquisite artwork with a seamless experience.

Avatar Scholar

Improved X Integration:

We’ve given our integration with X an upgrade. You’ll find improved instructions, handy tooltips, and a smoother connect/disconnect flow, making your interactions with X even more enjoyable. We’re just getting started here ;).

PFP-Only Publishing Option:

Want to keep your full body avatar in the system but display only your profile picture (PFP) on X? You got it! We’ve added a new setting that allows you to publish only your PFP on your avatar profile settings page. Flex your style on X, just the way you like it.

Improved X Integration

Explorer Names Visible:

Navigating your avatar system just got easier. Now, when selecting your favorite Explorers, their names will be right there, helping you find them with a breeze.

Avatar Inventory Tab Upgrade:

Collectors, this one’s for you! We’ve added some updated filtering to your avatar inventory that now includes all your wearables. Easily track which collectibles you own or still need to collect, and take advantage of various filtering options.

What’s Next:

We’re not stopping here, folks! Look forward to more exciting developments like enhanced social integration, username setup options, and further improved inventory visualization. The future of Cool Cats is looking bright, and we’re thrilled to have you with us on this journey.