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Journeys Season 2: Everything You Need to Know

Journeys Season 2: Everything You Need to Know


PSA: The Shadow Wolves mint window closes on May 19 at 3PM ET. Fractures will lose all utility after the mint window closes if they are not burned and minted into Shadow Wolves.

Join the dark side: Mint your Shadow Wolves

Journeys: Season 2

Welcome to Journeys: Season 2. In our first season, we embarked on five immersive Journeys, where your decisions shaped the unfolding narrative and evolved our Fractures. The Journeys were shared by over 3,000 wallets, culminating in over 12,000 completed Journeys. We embarked on a series of trials and puzzles throughout the season. Some were entertaining; others presented a challenging twist. In this process, we also introduced the Cool Score, a unique system designed to reflect your performance throughout the Journeys and beyond.

Those who ventured with us were rewarded with their own rare Shadow Wolves, a testament of engagement. As we transition into Season 2, we’ll delve deeper into the entwined stories of the Cool Cats and Shadow Wolves, tracing their parallel tales until they intersect. As we continue to refine the Cool Score and game dynamics, we eagerly anticipate what this new season will bring.

How do I participate?

In Season 2, Journeys will now take place in both Cooltopia (for Cool Cats/Cool Pets holders) and the Wandering Territory (for Shadow Wolves holders). Every Thursday, we will bounce back and forth between each side of the story, opening up Journeys for Cool Cats/Cool Pets and Shadow Wolves on alternate weeks. Similar to Season 1, each Journey will last two weeks and offer rewards at the end. This approach ensures a balanced exploration of both narratives and maintains community engagement.

The objective remains the same – to deepen our collective story, encourage participation, and shape the evolution of our characters. Whether you’re Journeying with Cool Cats/Cool Pets or Shadow Wolves, you’ll play a vital role in shaping our shared narrative.

How is participation rewarded?

There will be separate rewards for the two groups of Journeyers, Cool Cats/Cool Pets and Shadow Wolves. Each group qualifies for their own reward category, which is broken down into four tiers. Both reward categories carry their own significance for the future. 

Season 2 Journey Rewards

Journey Rewards: Aurorium

For Cool Cats/Cool Pets, reward allocation will have an element of randomization, influenced by your Journey Score. While having a high score doesn’t guarantee the highest tier rewards, it certainly tilts the odds in your favor. But don’t worry, every reward, no matter the tier, will play a crucial part in the Journey ahead.

Upon completion of Journey 6, participating Cool Cats/Cool Pets were rewarded with Aurorium, a mystical substance born from the cosmic embrace of sun and stars. Four tiers of Aurorium exist – Aurorium Shard (Tier 1), Aurorium Crystal (Tier 2), Aurorium Gem (Tier 3), Aurorium Radiance (Tier 4).

Top row left: Aurorium Shard, Top row right: Aurorium Crystal
Bottom row left: Aurorium Gem, Bottom row right: Aurorium Radiance 

Journey Rewards: Umbrium

Shadow Wolves rewards have a similar allocation influenced by Journey Scores. Each new Journey will reward Shadow Wolves participants with Umbrium, a mighty stone that channels the untamed forces of the shadows and provides a gateway to transformative possibilities. 

Four tiers of Umbrium exist – Umbrium Pebble (Tier 1), Umbrium Stone (Tier 2), Umbrium Relic (Tier 3), Umbrium Enigma (Tier 4). The higher your Journey Score, the greater odds you will have for obtaining a higher tier reward. All tiers of Umbrium will play a crucial part in what lies ahead. 

Umbrium Journey Rewards Tiers

Top row left: Umbrium Pebble, Top row right: Umbrium Stone
Bottom row left: Umbrium Relic, Bottom row right: Umbrium Enigma 

Overall, you can expect to be rewarded in the following ways for participating in Season 2: 

  • Airdropped and/or minted supplies that are integral for the upcoming phase, based on your Journey Score.
  • Your rewards for each journey you complete will contribute to your season-long cool score.
  • Varied rewards at the end of every Journey, ranging from exclusive merch to even Cool Cats!

What are the rewards and how will they be used?

This season, we’re introducing a fun new twist – a resource burning mechanism at the end of the season. This feature is set to add a new layer of strategic depth to the experience, as it will create a dynamic demand for the resources accumulated during your Journeys. This means that whether you’re an active participant in Journeys or prefer to sit back, these resources will hold significant value for everyone. Therefore, it’s a win-win for all, adding an exciting dimension to this season. More details will be released as we progress through the season. Stay tuned!

General Journeys FAQs

How is the Journey Score calculated?

Every Journey starts with the base score of your current Cool Score. You will have the opportunity to stake Cool Cats, Cool Pets and/or Shadow Wolves, and solve puzzles during the Journey which will account for your Activity Bonus. Your Cool Score + Activity Bonus will be your Journey Score.

Your Journey Score is what is used to rank all participants for reward ranking during that Journey. You can find more about your Cool Score and how it’s calculated here.

1. Your Activity Bonus and Journey Score reset at the end of every two-week Journey.
2. Staking multiple assets may not yield the same Journey Score for every asset (more on that below).

Activity Bonus – What is it?

With each Journey the entry/bonus requirements may change and the scale may change based on what Blue needs for that part of the Journey. Regardless of the bonus requirements in each Journey – your Journey Score will be used to rank you against other Journey participants to determine rewards.

What is Soft-Staking?

Soft-staking is an “agreement” that you will not sell or transfer any of the tokens that you have submitted for the duration of a Journey. We will not remove the tokens from your inventory, nor will we prevent you from listing/selling. However, if any of your soft-staked tokens are sold, traded, or transferred at the time the Journey ends, you will lose all activity points and any other relevant points for that specific Journey.

How will staking work in Season 2?

When staking Cool Cats/Cool Pets, the Activity Bonus will be calculated exactly as before, with a bonus value assigned per asset staked. However, after Journey 7, we’re raising the stakes – the bonus maximums will be increased with more assets!

For the Shadow Wolves, things work a little differently. Since each Shadow Wolf is staked individually, there’s a diminishing return mechanism in place. Each subsequent Shadow Wolf you stake will have a 90% Activity Bonus compared to the previous one. Here’s how it works with a base Activity Bonus of 75:

  • 1st Staked – 75 Activity Bonus
  • 2nd Staked – 67.5 Activity Bonus
  • 3rd Staked – 60.75 Activity Bonus
  • 4th Staked – 54.67 Activity Bonus
Can I change my score or update my Journey submission?

We will always use your most recent Journey submission as long as it was received within the Journey submission window. So if you need to update your assets, refresh your Cool Score, or modify your Journey answers – feel free to resubmit your changes before the clock expires on the open Journey.

What happens if I sell/trade one of my staked Cool Cats/Cool Pets/Shadow Wolves?

If the sale or transfer happens while the Journey window is still open, then you can go back through the Journey process and resubmit your answers for that specific Journey. If the sale or transfer happens after the Journey has begun, you will lose all bonus points and applicable points. Your base Cool Score will then be used to rank you against those who have participated for reward eligibility.

What if I choose not to participate in the Journey?

You will not receive any Journey rewards if you choose to not participate in the Journeys.

How do I rank?

You can check out the leaderboard here.

What is the Cool Score?

Learn more about the Cool Score here.

Large holders are heavily favored, right?

As we move forward in the Journeys, the weight of Journey completion rewards will start to overtake those that have not engaged. Even those with lower holdings, but high engagement have the opportunity to catch up and overtake those that are disengaged.

Should I stake my Cool Cats/Cool Pets/Shadow Wolves?

That is completely up to you! Staking your assets will give you additional Activity Bonus points. These points will be applied towards your total Journey score for that specific Journey, and will not carry over to following Journeys.

Note: This will not be an open-ended benefit. There will be a cap on how many Activity Bonus points one can receive per Journey.

I don’t have a Cat/Pet/Shadow Wolf, can I still participate?

Yes! You can participate as an Explorer, and although you will not receive rewards, you are still accumulating Cool Points, Season Badges and eligible for the Prize Selection results.