Cool Cats
Cool Cattern: A CLON: Originals Collection

Cool Cattern: A CLON: Originals Collection


Cool Cattern is the first piece in the “CLON: Originals” collection. Released as an exclusive airdrop to 99 Cool Cats holders featured in the artwork, the Cool Cattern collectible offers recipients the opportunity to claim a free physical print, signed by Clon. 

Claim a Signed Cool Cattern Print 

Receiving a Cool Cattern NFT grants you access to claim a physical print, hand-signed and numbered by Clon. All prints will be issued on premium 18”x24” 290GSM Entrada paper, and numbered according to the total claimed during the redemption period.

Claim your signed Cool Cattern print in the Cool Cats store, starting on Friday, August 25. Cool Cattern prints are FREE to claim if you received the airdrop. Only the wallet IDs that receive the airdrop will be eligible to claim a physical. Only pay for shipping at checkout.

The print redemption period for Cool Cattern will run from August 25 to September 1. Print redemption ends at 3PM ET on Friday, September 1. Signed prints will begin shipping two to three weeks after the claiming period closes.

Note: Purchasing a Cool Cattern on secondary will NOT provide eligibility to claim a signed print. 

How to Claim

Claiming your signed Cool Cattern print is easy, simply:

  1. Enter the official Cool Cats store
  2. Select “Cool Cattern Claim
  3. Connect your wallet holding a Cool Cattern NFT
  4. Select “Redeem with NFT” to apply to cart
  5. Follow the instructions to check out
  6. Input your shipping info, including payment details
  7. Pay for shipping to complete your order


Who is eligible to claim a signed Cool Cattern print?

Cool Cattern is an exclusive collectible airdropped to 99 Cool Cats featured in the artwork. If you received the airdrop, you are eligible to claim. If you did not receive the airdrop you CANNOT claim the free print, even if you purchase one on secondary. Claims must be made within the redemption period, starting August 25 through September 1.

How much does it cost to claim a signed print?

Claiming signed prints is free with the Cool Cattern NFT. Only pay for shipping at checkout.

When can I expect to receive my signed print?

Signed prints will begin shipping 2-3 weeks after the redemption period ends on September 1.

We’re thrilled to debut Cool Cattern as the first “CLON: Originals” collection. If you need support or have additional questions, please reach out to our team in the Cool Cats Discord. What are you waiting for? Claim yours today.