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Cool Cats Teams Up With Y3K at NFT NYC 2024

Cool Cats Teams Up With Y3K at NFT NYC 2024


Cool Cats Teams Up With Y3K at NFT NYC 2024

Cool Cats Partnering with Y3K, a non-profit dedicated to inspiring and equipping students with emerging technologies! 

Inspiring the Next Generation of Creators

On April 4th (Day One), Diamond (Shana Douglass) Co-Founder of Y3K kicked things off by introducing the Web3 space and Blockchain, teaching the youth the unlimited potential of what this new technology can offer! After that our talented Business Development Manager Mark Herndon introduced the world of Cool Cats and our captivating characters with the Milk Chug. This was followed by a painting station led by Emma Collins, Cool Cats’s Art Director, and Agnes Chu, a leading illustrator. This fun engaging session allowed the community to bring out their inner artist and get creative alongside our talented team.

The best part of this day is that we weren’t alone in this mission to help Y3K.  We were thrilled to be along side with some amazing partners who share our passion for inspiring young minds:

  • Aavegotchi: Aavegotchis are digital collectibles (NFTs) that exist on the blockchain. Each Aavegotchi can be customized and played to earn digital currency, offering a fun and engaging introduction to the world of blockchain technology for young people.
  • DroneCadets: DroneCadets aims to bridge the gap by exposing everyone, starting as young as 8 years old, to drone technology and being the first step in the ASGI Career Pathway Pipeline. This program allows young people to explore the exciting world of drones and its potential career paths.

Cool Cats and Y3K Partner for “FUN”draising

April 5th, we teamed up with Y3K for a “FUN”draiser event at CoExist Gaming. This event served a dual purpose: allowing the Cool Cat community to connect and enjoy exclusive perks, while simultaneously raising awareness and critical funds for Y3K’s initiative, “Another Awesome Day,” dedicated to preventing teen suicide.

The “FUN”draiser wasn’t just about fun and games; it also showcased incredible generosity. The auction two Color Me Cool statues designed by our creative team. Additionally, attendees received coupon codes for free “Color Me Cool” statues with any donation! 

​Cool Cats team: Jarvis, Mark, Agnes and Emma with Doug Hype and Miss Teen Crypto, fundraising MCs

Watch a recap of the events here: 

Beyond the Events

Our partnership with Y3K and “Another Awesome Day” highlights our focus on creativity, community, and giving back reaffirms our position as a positive force within the ever-evolving NFT landscape.

Learn more about Y3K from one of the Co-Founders: Tony Bravado