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Cool Cats Newsletter: May Recap

Cool Cats Newsletter: May Recap


Welcome to the first edition of our monthly Cool Cats Newsletter. Last month was bustling with many exciting events! Let’s dive in. 


Shadow Wolves

  • Mint window ended on May 19, with 6,250 Shadow Wolves minted in total 
  • All 5 Elders have now been minted and revealed; there are 25 scholars in total, with 5 revealed
  • More than 100+ participants entered into the Shadow Wolves story contest and 5 Scholars and 1 Clon Original Sketch were given out

Cool Cats at VeeCon 2023

  • 1,300+ people visited the Cool Cats booth, winning a variety of prizes 
  • Clon spoke about the art of character design during his panel 

Office Hours

  • New feedback channel is now open on Discord to collect community insights 

Journey Season 2 Updates

  • Staking rewards for this season include Aurorium crystals for Cool Cats/Pets holders and Umbrium stones for Shadow Wolves holders. Pro-tip: hold on to your crystals until the end of the season to see what you can do with them!


  • Planning is underway for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – there will be IRL activations, media exposure, and a new website 
  • Cool Cats collectibles and plushies will be in selected Macy’s stores 

Gaming Updates

  • We play-tested the Cool Cats mobile game under development; in short, it’s incredible and we can’t wait for everyone to experience it!

Clontest 2023

  • Record-breaking number of submissions this year – including stories, animations, video games, sculptures, and AI art
  • We’re working on integrating future content submissions into our official website 


  • You can now create customized gifs with your Cool Cat on

Cool Cats at VeeCon 2023

May Town Hall Recap

For more details on each of the following sections, check out our Town Hall recording with the provided timestamps.

Shadow Wolves

Shadow Wolves 2023

Story Contest (06:25) 

  • 100+ participants entered
  • Awards included: 10 Shadow Wolves, 5 Shadow Wolf Scholars, and 1 Clon Original Early Shadow Wolves Sketch

Shadow Wolves Mint, Plus Elders & Scholars (21:38)

  • In addition to re-engaging our holders, the Shadow Wolves mint (the burning of Fractures to Shadow Wolves) provided the Cool Cats community with a new PFP character that offers holders a stake in the Journey story progression, as well as a new persona to connect with
  • With our focus on building mainstream audience across our various platforms, Shadow Wolves will strengthen our brand through upcoming activations and partnerships as we prepare for our Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • We’ve implemented adjustments to rebalance issues regarding reward generation that was perceived as being overly focused on whales in our community. There will be more details to share in our next Town Hall as we explore promising opportunities to transfer wallet-bound achievements. Stay tuned.

VeeCon Recap (08:44)

Gary Vee x Cool Cats CEO at VeeCon

  • 1,300+ visitors visited the Cool Cats booth, including Gary Vee.
  • Special shoutout to Mojave and Curvy for their support at our booth.
  • 10 Shadow Wolves + 1 Cool Cat (along with plushies and other merch) were given to attendees, drawing new people to the brand. 
  • Clon’s VeeCon panel discussion on “The Art of Characters” garnered mass attention and engagement at the event.
  • 60+ community members came to our meet-up. Thank you to all who were able to participate!

Office Hours with Jarvis (21:40) 

  • We have opened a feedback channel on Discord to collect valuable insights, critiques, and ideas from our community. Sharing your thoughts and opinions is encouraged as we continue to identify areas of opportunity for Cool Cats and our holders.

Season 2 Journey Updates (21:40) 

  • Staking for Season 2 of Journeys grants new rewards in the form of Aurorium crystals for Cool Cats/Cool Pets Journeys and Umbrium stones for Shadow Wolves. We highly recommend holding onto your Journey rewards as they will play a key part in what’s to come.
  • We are experimenting with 1/1 traits for Shadow Wolf Scholars rather than 1/1 outfits, allowing us to utilize Scholars in our future avatar system. Our goal is to integrate 1/1 traits in order to enable full customization for front-facing Cool Cats and Shadow Wolves. Once the avatar system launches, the experience is intended to be further enhanced as we collaborate with partners on future launches for the Cool Cats ecosystem.

Journeys Season 2 Overview 

Macy’s (24:29)

  • Beyond the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Cool Cats balloon float, we have exciting plans for selected Macy’s stores, including collaborating with Yumi for Cool Cats figurines and utilizing their expertise in collectible streams and manufacturing to offer Blue Cat plushies and vinyl figures. More collectibles will be announced soon.
  • Additionally, planning is underway for interactive IRL activations and marketing campaigns in New York that week. We have 28 seats secured in the Macy’s grandstands, and we are working on additional activation points such as the first balloon float.

Gaming Updates (27:00)

  • Cool Cats team members play-tested the new branded mobile game and provided feedback to the game developer — overall, the initial reception is extremely positive. 
  • Development is underway for community involvement. More details to be shared in our June Town Hall.

Clontest 2023 (29:29) 

  • Clontest 2023 was the best we’ve held so far! 
  • Showcasing the incredible creativity of the Cool Cats community, we received an impressive variety of entries, including stories, animations, video games, sculptures, and AI art submissions. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate and create such amazing work!
  • Congratulations to Bitterveil, Mizutoriart and Retroquility who were our Clontest winners!
  • Feedback and suggestions for future Clontests are welcome and encouraged. Please share your ideas with us in our Discord.
  • We would like to showcase our community’s work on our website and we may consider introducing new art categories and mediums in future contests.

Q&A (34:20)

Q: What are the future plans for Shadow Wolves, Scholars, and Elders?

A: Elders will receive exclusive Tier 4 rewards, while Scholars will receive rewards ranging between Tiers 3 and 4 based on Cool Scores. Shadow Wolves will not be featured on the Meowpad for the time being as our development team is focusing on upcoming priorities. 

Q: Updates on animation studio plans, toys, and Cool Score changes?

A: We are working on our animation plans and seeking a talented team. We aim to find a studio and writers that represent the brand well. 

Q: What are the updates on Cool Cats’s Social Presence and Activations?

A: We’re actively improving our social presence and engaging with the community. We are prioritizing real-life activations, particularly our partnership with Macy’s. We believe in the power of in-person events and aim to create meaningful impact.

Partnership Updates 

Cool Cats x Ledger Collab

  • We collaborated with Ledger to bring our holders an exclusive Cool Cats Ledger Nano
  • Available to all who obtained a Proof of Knowledge (PoK) NFT by completing our Ledger Quest

Stickies Gifs

  • Create your own Stickies gifs with your Cool Cats! Check out and download their apps for IOS and Android to get started.