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Cool Cats Newsletter: June Recap

Cool Cats Newsletter: June Recap



Pets 2

  • Cool Pets will be eligible for an upgrade to new companions this summer
  • Expect new art, clear utility, and expanded character development

Game Announcements

  • We are currently working with three game developers (two of which are Animoca companies) to launch games from different genres across the next year 

Cooltopia & $MILK Sunsetting

  • We will be shutting down Cooltopia access on our website on July 27, 2023
  • Our $MILK token will be sunset along with Cooltopia, with a final burn event to be announced over the coming weeks

Comic Con

  • We will be at Comic Con in San Diego July 20 – 23
  • We are the first NFT company to have our own booth at the event

New Cats on the team!

  • Welcome, Zain, our new Senior Content Producer
  • Welcome, Elaine, our new UI/UX and Graphic Designer

June Town Hall Recap

For more details, check out our Town Hall recording.

Pets 2

Cool Pets are getting a major glow-up! Cool Pets will be eligible to be upgraded to new companions this summer.

The new companions will include new artwork, clear future utility in the Cool Cats ecosystem, and expanded character development for more storytelling. 

In order to upgrade Cool Pets to the new companions, holders will need 2 Cool Pets and may choose to add optional enhancements of Aurorium and Umbrium (Journey Rewards). Initial upgrades will be free for all eligible Cool Pets holders. 

More details will be shared in our litepaper to be released in the coming weeks.

Comic Con

We are the first NFT brand to have our own dedicated Space at Comic Con in San Diego, July 20 – 23.

We will bring Cool Cats to life with a Milk Bar theme inspired by Cooltopia NYC 2022, as well as exclusive merch and mascots.

Game Announcements

We are currently building three games of different genres with notable game developers (two of which Animoca companies) that will be released over the next year. 

While we cannot reveal specific game titles, trailers, or gameplay details at this time, look out for more information coming your way this month. 

Sunsetting Cooltopia & $MILK

Active $MILK generation will be discontinued as of July 27, 2023.

We will provide a final $MILK burn event later this summer with physical and digital rewards for those who burn the rest of their $MILK. 

Existing Cooltopia items (Pet Questing and Cat Gathering) will have future utility in our upcoming avatar system. Specific details on questing items and the $MILK burn event will be released in the coming weeks.

New Cool Cats Team Members

Join us in welcoming Zain and Elaine to the Cool Cats team!

Zain is joining us as Senior Content Producer, primarily focused on scaling growth on our social platforms. If you haven’t seen our IG content, check it out! 

Elaine is joining us as UX/UI and Graphic Designer, focusing on building out intuitive user experiences that are on-brand and fun.