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Cool Cats Newsletter: July Recap

Cool Cats Newsletter: July Recap



Happy Two-Year Anniversary, Cool Cats!!

Comic Con 2023

  • We hosted our own branded booth at Comic Con last weekend and introduced Blue and Chugs to thousands of attendees. The team delivered an immersive Milk Bar experience, with “drinks” served by Blue in person

Cool Cats x Reddit Collectible Avatars

Sunsetting Cooltopia & $MILK 

  • Questing, gathering, and boss battles have been closed on the website as of 12PM ET on July 27
  • Details around the final $MILK auction will be announced

Call for Community Council Applications

  • We have now closed applications for new Council positions – thank you to everyone who applied! More information will be available soon.

Website Domain & Social Handle Changes

Missed our Town Hall? Listen to the full recording here

Comic Con 2023

Comic Con was a huge success! Chugs’ Milk Bar delivered exclusive merch and many smiles in San Diego from July 20 – 23. Blue Cat even made an appearance as a real-life mascot, stopping for pictures throughout the convention center. Throughout the week, we connected with thousands of new and existing fans. 

Huge shoutout to Bitterveil, who designed the Chugs animation for our booth. Thank you to dirtybuns for opening their home to us for logistics. We Like the Cats!

It doesn’t end there. We’re going back to Comic Con next year with a bigger and better booth, along with tons of branded experiences. If you didn’t get a chance to come out this year, perhaps we’ll see you there.

Cool Cats x Reddit Collectible Avatars

On July 26th, we launched three collectible designs in Reddit’s Gen4 Creator Avatar Collection, introducing our brand to millions of Reddit users worldwide. 

There are three categories of Cool Cats x Reddit Avatars: Blue Cat and Chugs, Shadow Wolf, and C4T Monitor 

C4T Monitor and Shadow Wolf sold out within the first 24 hours! For more details, check out our article, Cool Cats Collectibles Featured in Reddit’s Avatar Collection.

Gaming Updates

Last month, we announced three new games in the works with notable gaming developers, nWay, iCandy, and Sync Studios. 

Games in development include:

“Everything we do is character-focused, bringing our brand to mass adoption. Gaming is the way to go for content, engagement, and connectivity,” said Stephen Teglas, Cool Cats CEO. 

Stay tuned for more gaming updates in the coming months.

Sunsetting Cooltopia & $MILK

We said farewell to questing, gathering, and boss battles on our official website as of July 27th, and updates to the Meowpad went into effect the same day. 

A final $MILK auction will be held in the coming weeks. More information about this event will be shared in our article, Sunsetting Cooltopia & $MILK.

Pets2 Merge

Get ready for your new sidekicks! 

Last month, we announced that Cool Pets will be eligible for upgrades into new companions this summer. The upgrades will feature new artwork, clear future utility in the Cool Cats ecosystem, and expanded character development for more storytelling.

Keep an eye out on our official website for more details soon. In the meantime, please refer to some of the basics delivered in our June Newsletter.

Website Domain & Social Handle Changes

We recently obtained a new domain name for our official website, As we work through migrating our website to our new domain, please be aware that you will continue to be redirected to our old domain, This is temporary and we will release an announcement from our official channels to let you know when the migration is complete.

Additionally, our Instagram handle has been updated to @coolcatsglobal. Follow us to see more content on socials and drop us a comment to let us know what you think. 

Until next month… WLTC!