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Cool Cats Journeys: A Litepaper

Cool Cats Journeys: A Litepaper


Summary: As we gear up to start our first Journey on February 9, we thought you might like a bit more insight about your Fractures and what to expect over the next 10 weeks. Let’s dive in!

First, Where Is Blue?

Before we airdropped Fracture NFTs to all Cool Cats and Cool Pets holders, a strange portal opened up in Blue Cat’s room and swallowed him, along with Chugs. So, where is Blue? We’re on a mission to find out. But first, do you think you’ve got what it takes to step into the void?

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Catch up with the full video below.

Introducing Journeys

Journeys are an interactive, gamified story-telling experience, where each part of Blue’s story is tied to engagement opportunities for Cool Cats holders. Some might think of Journeys as “missions” – activities you can complete to unlock new levels of the story and become eligible for rewards.

Each Journey is two weeks long. During a Journey, you may be asked to solve puzzles, answer riddles, burn specific items, or help drive the next part of Blue’s story. Interactivity will evolve as the year progresses, but we begin with Blue’s journey into Cooltopia.

Journeys start this week with Chapter 1: Fractures.

How Can I Participate in a Journey?

Every two weeks, we will release a new Journey for qualified holders to participate in. During each Journey, you will log into our website with your wallet, join the story, view the content, and choose which activities you want to participate in. Each Journey will have a set period of time in which you will be able to join, and most will be 48 hours long.

In Chapter 1: Fractures, all Fracture NFT holders can participate in this first set of Journeys. The first Journey goes live on February 9th.

How Will I Be Rewarded?

Journeys Chapter 1: Fractures will reward your participation with new character traits and trait rarities which will be revealed as you evolve through the Journeys. Your Cool Score will improve as you complete each Journey until the series-end burn. Additionally, participants may be selected to earn amazing rewards ranging from IRL experiences, merch, and NFTs.

How am I Rewarded for Participating in Journeys?

During Chapter 1: Fractures, you will be rewarded in three ways.

1. Fracture NFTs will evolve with trait rarities based on your Journey Score.
2. Achievement badges for each journey you complete, which apply to your overall Cool Score.
3. Raffled rewards at the end of every Journey ranging from IRL merch to Cool Cats NFTs.

What Is a Journey Score?

Your Journey Score is your cumulative score for participating in one Journey. You start your Journey with your base Cool Score, and when you complete certain activities within that Journey, you will be rewarded with an Activity Bonus. Your final Journey Score is a sum of your Cool Score and your Activity Bonus for that Journey.

How is the Journey Score Used?

The Journey Score is used to rank all participants for reward eligibility during that specific Journey. The higher your Journey Score, the more likely you’ll be eligible for rewards.

Cool Cats Journey Score

1. Your Activity Bonus and Journey Score reset at the end of every two-week Journey.
2. Staking multiple fractures will not yield the same Journey Score for every Fracture (more on that below).

What Is Soft-Staking?

Soft-staking is an “agreement” that you will not sell or transfer any of the tokens that you have submitted for the duration of a Journey. We will not remove the tokens from your inventory, nor will we prevent you from listing/selling. However, if any of your soft-staked tokens are sold, traded, or transferred at the time the Journey ends, you will lose all activity points and any other relevant points for that specific Journey.

Can I Stake More Than One Fracture?

Yes. During each Journey, you can stake more than one Fracture, but the applied Journey Score will be reduced for each additional Fracture being staked. Each subsequent staked Fracture will receive 25% fewer additional points in the Journey Score. Your Fracture with the highest rarity will have the highest applied Journey score.

For instance if your Journey Score is 1,000, and you staked 4+ fractures :
1st Fracture Staked – 1,000 Journey Score
2nd Fracture Staked – 750 Journey Score
3rd Fracture Staked – 563 Journey Score
4th Fracture Staked – 421 Journey Score
…and so on

Can I Change My Score and/or Update My Submission?

We will always use your most recent Journey submission as long as it was received within the Journey submission window. So if you need to update your assets, refresh your Cool Score, or modify your Journey answers – feel free to resubmit your changes before the clock expires on the open Journey.

What Happens If I Sell or Trade One of My Staked NFTs?

If the sale or transfer happens while the Journey window is still open, then you can go back through the Journey process and resubmit your answers for that specific Journey. If the sale or transfer happens after the Journey has begun, you will lose all bonus points and applicable points. Your base Cool Score will then be used to rank you against those who have participated for reward eligibility.

What If I Don’t Participate In the Journeys?

Holders who are not participating in Journeys will be ranked for rewards based on their Cool Scores only, and will be ranked lower than holders who choose to participate in Journeys. This means that holders with a low Cool Score / Journey Score who participate in Journeys will be ranked higher than holders with a high Cool Score who do not participate.

The priority list for reward ranking at the end of each Journey will be as follows:

  • High Journey Score + Participated in Journey
  • Low Journey Score + Participated in Journey
  • High Cool Score – did not participate in Journey
  • Low Cool Score – did not participate in Journey

Tl;dr: If you do not participate in Journey’s you will be prioritized by Cool Score only.

How Can I Rank?

We will be working to add appropriate leaderboards as the Journeys progress. Different traits will be dispersed to holders with Journey Scores that fall within different percentiles. For instance, the top 10th percentile of Journey Scores may receive one tier of traits, whereas the bottom 50th percentile may receive another. The tiers and traits will vary by Journey.

Large Holders Are Heavily Favored, Right?

As we move forward in the Journeys, the weight of Journey completion rewards will start to overtake those that have not engaged. Even those with lower holdings, but high engagement have the opportunity to catch up and overtake those that are disengaged.

Should I Stake My Cool Cats and Cool Pets?

That is completely up to you! Staking your Cool Cats and Cool Pets will give you additional Activity Bonus points. These points will be applied towards your total Journey score for that specific Journey, and will not carry over to following Journeys.

Note: This will not be an open-ended benefit. There will be a cap on how many Activity Bonus points one can receive per Journey.

I Don’t Have a Cool Cat, Cool Pet, or Fracture NFT. Can I Still Participate?

Yes. You can participate as an Explorer, and although you will not be evolving a Fracture, you are still accumulating Cool Points, Season Badges, and will be eligible for the reward selection.

Wouldn’t Holders Just Split Up Their Assets?

While this is entirely possible, many of the points for participation in the ecosystem will not follow your assets into new wallets. Engagement is the #1 way to participate going forward.

Journeys Chapter 1: Fractures

Cool Cats Fractures & Journeys

What Are Fractures?

Fracture NFTs are your ticket to participate in Chapter 1 of Journeys which we’ve designed to guide you through the World of Cooltopia to locate Blue. Fractures are considered non-membership NFTs in the Cool Cats ecosystem until you “enter” your Fracture at the end of the Chapter, ultimately burning your NFT to reveal your new character PFP, which falls into our mid-tier membership level, as shown below.

What are cool cats fractures and journeys

We’re taking dynamic NFTs to a new level. Expect your Fracture to evolve as you progress through each Journey phase. At each new phase, the metadata on your Fracture NFT will update to reveal new trait characteristics, some rare, some common. This process will continue until it is time to enter your Fracture at the end of the Chapter.

How Will Fractures Evolve?

Fractures will evolve automatically at the end of each two-week Journey. The NFT’s metadata and art will update. Participating in Journeys will help ensure rarer traits for your Fracture, compared to the ones held by holders who are not actively participating in Journeys. This will continue until the end of Chapter 1, when your Fracture is ready for you to “enter” to reveal your new character PFP.

Reminder: The Fracture with the highest rarity will have the highest applied Journey score.

How Do Fractures Fit into the Overall Ecosystem?

The Fractures themselves are considered non-membership NFTs in our overall ecosystem. However, when you burn the Fracture NFT at the end of the Chapter, you will receive a membership NFT that falls into our middle tier of membership.

What Determines the Rarity of My Fracture NFT (and My New Character PFP)?

Traits will be added to the Fractures over time. Traits rarities will be assigned based on your “Journey Score” ranking at the end of every Journey.

The rarity of the final Fracture NFT will closely align to the final rarity of the PFP character NFT.

To ensure the best traits, make sure to increase your Cool Score and enjoy the story by participating in Journeys!

Why Add a New Character Now?

We believe this character PFP drop will add a fun dynamic to the overall ecosystem and allow all Cool Pet holders to access a PFP within the ecosystem. The utility and identity of this next character will be a meaningful and fun entry point for those looking to join the ecosystem.

What Will the Collection Size of the Final Character Collection Look Like?

The Fracture NFT collection size will have a maximum of 11,575 NFTs as of now.

This means the maximum size of the final character PFP collection will be 11,575 as well. However, due to the nature of the airdrop, there is a high potential that not all 11,575 will be burned/minted.

There will be a 30-day window unlocked at the end of Chapter 1: Fractures to mint your character PFP. If your tokens are not burned within that 30-day window, they will no longer be eligible for future rewards nor carry any utility.

If the total number of tokens burned is fewer than 10,000 at the close of the minting window – we reserve the right to mint up to a total of 10,000 for collection size purposes, treasury, and distribution to future holders.

To learn more about your Cool Score, check out “Introducing the Cool Score” on our blog. Connect your wallet to review your Cool Score and select “Profile” in the upper-right menu on our home page.