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Cool Cats Collectibles Featured in Reddit’s Avatar Collection

Cool Cats Collectibles Featured in Reddit’s Avatar Collection


We’re thrilled to be featured in Reddit’s Gen4 series of Collectible Avatars. Clon, founding father of Cool Cats, has worked tirelessly behind the scenes with Reddit to make this moment possible. Limited-edition Cool Cats collectibles can be purchased on Reddit in the Gen4 Avatar Collection now!

These are no ordinary avatars – they’re Clon’s original creations, crafted with his iconic vision and creativity, along with the help of our community. 

In line with our passion for diverse representation and a never-ending sense of fun, our team  has crafted three different avatar categories that cater to everyone. No matter your preference, there’s a Cool Cats avatar ready to be part of your digital identity:

Blue Cat & Chugs

Blue Cat and his adorable friend, Chugs, enjoy a day out in Cooltopia.

Clon has been drawing Blue Cat since 2013. Over time, Blue has evolved into his current form, found in the Cool Cats collection

Shadow Wolf

Shadow Wolves are the antagonist to Blue Cat in our ecosystem. When you look this good, being the bad guy isn’t always a bad thing.

Hand-drawn by Clon for the Reddit community, it’s only right that the wolves get their spotlight on Reddit. After all, they are one of many characters within the Cool Cats ecosystem. 

C4T Monitor

Nostalgia comes to life with this rendition of the TV Head Cool Cat and a fun, Chuggified sidekick. 

Clon brings the past to life through his love of character design, capturing wonder, creativity, and imagination in this piece, C4T Monitor.

Boost Your Cool Score

All holders of Reddit Cool Cats Collectible Avatars will receive a Cool Score bonus. Regardless of the number of Reddit Avatars held in each tier, Cool Score bonuses will be reflected once per tier. This means that holders may receive a maximum bonus of 110 points added to their Cool Score for holding all three tiers.

Cool Score Bonus Scale:

  • Blue Cat and Chugs – 10pts
  • Shadow Wolf – 25pts
  • C4T Monitor – 75pts

We’re ready to see how you rock Cool Cats on Reddit. Join in our celebration by checking out the Cool Cats limited-edition collection on Reddit now. Paws up!