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Cool Cats Avatar System Beta

Cool Cats Avatar System Beta


We’re thrilled to unveil the Cool Cats Avatar System Beta, launching on October 19. This new addition to our ecosystem offers you a unique and fun way to customize your digital identity like never before. First, meet Jo, our resident fashionista and the creative force behind Feathered Fashions, the future home of our Avatar System. She will stitch up your latest fashions, giving you the opportunity to buy, sell, and flaunt your new look. Let’s dive in to learn more about the Avatar System and everything you need to know to get started.

The Cool Cats Avatar System Explained

In the Cool Cats ecosystem, whether you’re a seasoned OG or an aspiring Explorer, everyone shares the same digital playground. The Avatar System is designed to give you the tools and resources you need to customize your digital identity using your Cool Cats collectibles, including Cool Cats, Shadow Wolves, and Explorers.

Personalize your front-facing avatar with full-body and profile picture modes, backgrounds, borders, outfits including shoes, hats, SideKX and more. Sculpt and redefine your online presence for Twitter, the metaverse, future games, and other digital domains. The Avatar System empowers you to shape your digital identity your way.

Cool Cats Avatars

The Soul-bound Avatar NFT Collection

Avatars will exist as a soul-bound NFT collection. Picture it as a blank canvas, separate from our current collections. Become the artist, combine your assets, and gather more along the way. The Avatar Collection empowers you to define your individuality with your base characters at the core. Dress your cat in a dapper hat or give your Shadow Wolf a brand-new look. The creative possibilities are endless.

Cool Cats Avatars

The Avatar Collection provides you with the power to customize your on-chain identity without impacting the metadata across our current collections. We believe modifying your identity should be seamless across platforms and chains, flexible to match your style, and adaptable on your terms. When you swap out your avatar’s hat, it’s not just a change in the metaverse, it’s an instant update to your Twitter profile picture and an on-chain publication. Our partner platforms sync automatically, evolving as you update your digital identity at your convenience.

Avatar System for Cool Cats

The OG Collections: Preserving Your Cool Cats Legacy

To protect your legacy, we’ve implemented a few rules around the Avatar system: 

  • Original Cool Cats assets will always remain exclusive and unique, never to be replicated, re-released or duplicated. This guarantees the perpetuity of your OG identity.
  • To further safeguard your OG identities, original asset traits (e.g. face, shirt, and hat traits) cannot be moved from one cat to another within the avatar system, even if you own multiple cats.
  • All avatars will be distinct, featuring forward-facing views and unique backgrounds. This visual contrast between the OG collections and avatars ensures that avatars show a clear delineation, indicating their modified status.

Cool Cats Avatars

What Are Explorers?

Explorers serve as the default base avatar character for new users entering the Cool Cats ecosystem through any of our activations. Digital adventurers will be the gateway to Cooltopia, offering newcomers an easy entry point into our dynamic world. Explore landscapes, engage with the environment, and utilize a wide range of assets and resources to customize your Explorer.

Cool Cats Avatar System Explorers

Explorers will be available in a wide range of colors and patterns, however, they will not be eligible to help shape the narrative or play a defining role in our ecosystem. Explorers offer an ideal starting point for anyone looking to embark on their digital journey with Cool Cats. We want Explorers to be accessible to a broad audience, giving newcomers a taste of the Avatar System experience prior to upgrading to Cool Cats and Shadow Wolves. 

Holder Benefits of the Avatar System at Launch

As of October 16, at 3 PM ET, we took a snapshot of all Cool Cats holders. Here’s what to look forward to:

  • Complete Your Outfits: Cool Cats holders will have exclusive eligibility to claim complimentary assets to complete outfits for all your beloved cats.
  • Easy Claiming: Claim these exclusive assets in a single, seamless transaction.
  • NFT Collectibles: Receive all claimed assets as ERC-1155 NFT’s on the Polygon network, with rarities and supply closely mirroring the original asset tiers.
  • Trade Seamlessly: Claimed assets are tradable, allowing you to customize your avatars with more flexibility and style.

Shadow Wolf holders will have access to the avatar system at the launch of our beta on October 19, but will not be eligible for free assets. Access wearables through the secondary market and keep an eye out for upcoming releases as well as future opportunities to earn more wearables. 

Collecting Wearables for Your Avatar

Wearables are the key to customizing your digital identity within the Cool Cats Avatar System. Expanding your wearable collection is a breeze. Here are some of the ways you can collect more wearables:

  • Avatar Packs: New wearables can be collected from Avatar Packs. Purchase Avatar Packs directly from our official website using fiat currency or ETH. Our first Pack will be Halloween-themed, available starting on October 19. New packs will be released throughout the upcoming year and will include varying rarities, supply, and themes.

Collecting Cool Cats Avatar Wearables

  • Earning/Crafting: Earn or craft future wearables. You’ll be able to earn new wearables by participating in Journeys, climbing leaderboards in our upcoming mobile games, completing specific achievements within our ecosystem, and attending our IRL activations.
  • Claim Codes: Keep an eye out for claimable codes with our Macy’s merchandise (coming soon) and future merch drops. These codes unlock exclusive digital wearables. If you do not own a Cool Cat or Shadow Wolf, you will be automatically assigned an Explorer, granting you easy access to our Avatar ecosystem.
  • Physical to Digital Merchandise: Express your digital identity IRL. We’re cooking up some exciting physical-to-digital activations. Keep your eyes peeled and get ready to buy it, scan it, and wear it online and in real life.

Cool Cats Avatar System Wearables

How to Mint Your Avatar

To mint your free Cool Cats Avatar, follow the steps below to get started:

1. Go to the Avatar System on our official website on October 19

2. Connect your wallet

3. Follow the minting instructions

How to Collect Avatar Wearables

To collect wearables to customize your avatar, shop directly in the Avatar System following the steps below:

1. Log into the Avatar System on our official website on October 19

2. Connect your wallet

3. Select the Avatar Packs you wish to purchase under “Inventory”

4. Follow the instructions to finalize your purchase with ETH or fiat

The Future of the Avatar System

Feathered Fashions marks the first step in the future of the Cool Cats Avatar System. This initial release is a beta that represents our commitment to continuously enhance your digital experience, while giving you the tools you need to craft a unique identity for Cool Cats and beyond.

Cool Cats Avatar System Feathered Fashions

Expanding Capabilities:

We have big plans for the Avatar System. Our next venture, Sapphire Town, is set to offer new ways for you to interact with our digital environment. Collaborating with our passionate community, we will expand Feathered Fashions and continue to develop new customization features that empower your creativity.

Active Engagement:

Your feedback is important. Throughout the beta phase of our new Avatar System, we anticipate the discovery of occasional bugs and quirks. We encourage you to engage with the system and provide your insights. Your input is valuable and will be rewarded. Stay tuned for more information regarding rewards soon.


Do I need to own a Cool Cat or Shadow Wolf in order to participate in the Avatar System?

Upon our initial launch on October 19, yes. We will add support for Explorers in the near future, keeping in mind that Explorers can be obtained by purchasing one of our upcoming collectibles at Macy’s. 

How can I integrate my Cool Cats Avatar into my social media profile photo (PFP)?

Integrate your avatar with social media directly in the Cool Cats Avatar System. Simply link your social profile to your avatar profile on our official website and your custom avatar will be featured as your PFP on Twitter/X:

1. Select “Settings” 

2. Connect your Twitter/X profile 

3. Your PFP will auto-update as you modify your avatar

If you would like to use your custom avatar without linking your personal social profile, you can download your avatar to update your PFP manually. 

Why is my avatar NFT soul-bound?

The decision to make the avatar NFT soul-bound is rooted in accessibility for our broader audience. Our primary goal is to create an ecosystem where assets can be collected and traded seamlessly. Making the avatars soul-bound means we ensure you can confidently trade and interact with your avatar wearables without the risk of accidentally selling your main assets. This approach streamlines the user experience and minimizes potential confusion.

What is the difference between an avatar and an explorer?

Explorers are a limited base character avatar that can be used within the Avatar System to explore features and create an entry-level identity for newcomers in the Cool Cats ecosystem. Explorers are not eligible to play a defining role in our ecosystem or help shape our narrative.

Cool Cats and Shadow Wolves provide full access to the Cool Cats ecosystem and Avatar System platform. Cool Cats and Shadow Wolves avatars require a Cool Cat or Shadow Wolf NFT in order to access unique wearables specific to individual asset traits and customization features.

Cool Cats Avatar System Explained

How do I provide feedback or report bugs?

Please submit feedback or report bugs through a dedicated form on our website.

Ready for Launch

Get ready for the launch of our new Avatar System on October 19! Mint and customize your Cool Cats avatars to express the identity you wish to share with our community, across our ecosystem, and beyond. We can’t wait to see your custom avatars!